Setup Instructions

Follow these instructions to setup admin-Login-Only:

  1. unzip the distribution package into a new folder called "admin-Login-Only"
  2. open the file called: secret.php
  3. enter your own values for ADMINUSER, ADMINPASSWORD, ADMINHOME and save
    Example: define("ADMINUSER", "admin"); // change the RED text only
  4. place all files from the "admin-Login-Only" folder into the web folder which has the file you wish to protect
    Example - you want to protect: admin.php
  5. launch your browser and open the file called admin.php on your server

How to Protect any Page

After completing the setup above it is easy to protect any page. Simply add this one line of code to the top of any page:

<?php require_once("adminOnly.php");?>

Test admin-Login-Only

Click here to test it out.

Click here to test it out.


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Download the Distribution Zip File

version feature status
Download version 1.2 runs on PHP 4.04 or higher stable
2.0 not available $_SESSION['foo'] supported superceded by 2.1
Download version 2.1 Admin 2 icons Logout newest release